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Top 100 Technology Tools for Higher Education 2019 Survey

Find the link below to the results of a the 13th annual learning tools survey published September 2019. This is a great compilation of tech tools that you might find helpful in your learning and teaching online or in the university classroom.

EDU100: Top 100 Tools for Higher Education 2019

The list covers 100 tech/software and mostly online tools including obvious entries like YouTube, PowerPoint, and Zoom, to less known like H5P, Sreencast-O-Matic, and Adobe Spark.

Each tool also contains an analysis using (what they call) the 4 D’s model of personal learning: Discourse: Formal Learning (“being taught”), Discovery: Informal Learning (finding out for oneself), Discourse: Social Learning (interacting with others),  and Doing (engaging in activities).


by Christina @ on Unsplash