Inverted triangle chart showing online certificates on top

Certificate Growth in Online Learning

An interesting, recent study on online learning trends asks the question “is online learning the future of learning?” Even without any understanding of the growth of this learning mode, most people I think would understand that it will continue to grow. “How much?” is the big question. Will bricks-and-mortar schools someday be haunted ruins from the past? Will face-to-face teachers all be logging in from their living room in 10 years? Another question that this study looks at is the kind of learning that students are interested in taking part in online. This graph shows an interesting angle:


Current students will be most interested in “Certification for specific skills” leading typical masters and PhD programs by 10 or 15 percent. Almost half see the future need for certification¬†and would be willing to do it online. I believe traditional degree schools should consider this trend and ask: What can traditional schools do to fulfill this need for certification online?