Resources for Making an Inviting Home Page in Canvas

Watch this video on how to make an inviting University of Kentucky branded webpage in Canvas (using the Commons):


These are the steps that I take in the video:


– Click on Commons in Canvas
– Search for Jason Johnston (or University of Kentucky)

– OR follow this link
– Click your course(s) and “Import to Course” (you must be a teacher/designer not just admin)


– Change the images using the Rich Text Editor (transparent PNG for header works best – find generic UK or from your own college)
– Change the text in the HTML editor
– Remove sections in the HTML editor or RTE
– Improve upon by adding navigation buttons or better student tips
– Don’t forget to change the title!


– Test in at least 2 browsers, and on a mobile device if you can
– Publish
– Set “use as front page” from “Pages” tab


– Use the Gear and select Share to Commons to allow for importing
– Tell others how to find it and use it themselves!
– Tell others about your new Welcome page

Other Resource Links

Making buttons from the Canvas style guide

Stephanie Sanders’ Creating an inviting Home Page

Susan Nugent’s excellent and update post on HTML and the Rich Content Editor: