Picture of star wars characters as chatbots.

Star Wars AI ChatGPT Chatbots – May the 4th Be With You!

Could Characterized AI ChatBots Revolutionize Online Learning?

These chatbots were created at Poe.com. They use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms (these are based on GPT 3.5) to provide a characterized conversation based on the prompt I gave them. (You can explore the prompt at each bot).  Characterized chatbots in education could be used to engage and teach students online, providing personalized feedback, interesting engagement (could C-3PO be your math tutor? or Yoda a philosophy discussion partner?) and maybe even emotional support. I think AI chatbots could potentially revolutionize how we teach and learn online. Try them out and see what you think! (You will need to sign-in/create an account in order to do so).





























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