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Introducing: the Online Learning in the Second Half Podcast

Online Learning in the Second Half: A New Podcast for Educators and Learners Who Want to Make Online Education Better

Online learning has become a ubiquitous part of education, especially after the pandemic. But how can we make it better, more engaging, more human, and more fun? That’s what John Nash and Jason Johnston explore in their new podcast, Online Learning in the Second Half.

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John Nash is an associate professor of educational leadership studies at the University of Kentucky and founder of the Laboratory in Design Thinking (dLab). Jason Johnston is Director of Online Learning and Course Production at the University of Tennessee. 

In this podcast, they take public their two-year long conversation about online education and their aspirations for its future. They acknowledge that while some online learning has been great, there is still a lot of room for improvement. While technology and innovation will play a key role in shaping online learning, they also emphasize the importance of human connection, creativity, empathy, and ethics. The conversation will explore the hopes, dreams, and fears of online learning in the second half of its life. 

Each episode features topics such as design thinking, artificial intelligence, gamification, accessibility, social justice, learner agency, and more. They also interview guests who are experts or practitioners in online learning from various fields and perspectives. They aim to inspire listeners to think critically and creatively about online learning and how to make it more meaningful for themselves and others.

Here are some quotes from the hosts that capture their vision and mission:

“We want to have a conversation about online learning that is not just about technology,

but about how we can make it more human, more engaging, more creative,

and more fun.” – John Nash

“We are not experts in everything, but we are curious learners who want to explore

the possibilities and challenges of online learning with our listeners.” – Jason Johnston

“Online learning is not a one-size-fits-all solution.It requires us to think critically

and creatively about how we design, deliver, and assess learning experiences that meet the needs and interests of diverse learners.” – John Nash

“Online learning is not a static phenomenon. It is constantly evolving and changing with new technologies, innovations, research, and practices. We want to keep up with these changesand share them with our listeners.” – Jason Johnston

In one episode, they explore the potential of AI in education, particularly in writing and analysis. In another episode, they talk about Jason’s experience with Bing Chat and how it could impact the future of education. They also discuss the use of autonomous cars and how it could point to the future of online learning. The podcast features guest interviews with vendors at the OLC Innovate Conference and discussions on how to humanize online education.

Online Learning in the Second Half is available at the website, http://onlinelearningpodcast.com, and through Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify , Google Podcasts , Amazon Music , Audible , iHeartRadio , TuneIn , Deezer , Podchaser , Podcast Addict , Pocket Casts , Castro , Castbox , Podfriend , Player FM , Podcast Index^[18]^ , Overcast^[19]^ , Breaker^[20]^ or wherever you listen to podcasts. 

You can also join their LinkedIn group – the Online Learning Podcast – to connect with other listeners and share your thoughts on online learning.

For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact John Nash at john.nash@uky.edu  or Jason Johnston at jpj@utk.edu